Dropfada Urine Diversion System (UDS)

Dropfada Sanitation







Dropfada Sanitation
Our Dropfada Urine Diversion System presents a hygienic sanitation solution for any dehydration or composting toilets where solid and liquid wastes are kept apart. The addition of the UDS helps people who live without basic sanitation a chance to live without being left as vulnerable to contaminated water supplies and the dread of disease.

Key features

Reusable waste
The UDS has two separate sections, leading solid and liquid wastes in two different directions. The urine is led through a pipe into a ‘soak-away’ or into a container to be used as a potential fertiliser afterwards. Solid wastes are collected in a different container or waste bin for easy disposal and can be left to dry for 6 to 12 months.

Easily Cleanable
Made from lightweight plastic, the Urine Diversion System is easily cleanable. This is vital when using the UDS in locations where approximately 2.2 million deaths are caused annually due to unhygienic sanitation.

Light Weight
Our Dropfada Sanitation, is light, resulting in lower associated freight costs and easy handling.

Optional Extras:
UDS Insert
Toilet Seat Lid
Wall Fixed Urinal
Corner Wash Basin
12v Hand Washing Tap
12v Off Grid Solar Lighting