Emergency Pissoire (Pee Power Urinal)

Dropfada Sanitation





Emergency Pissoire
The Emergency Pissoir has been designed for multiple users, whether in urban or rural locations, offering men and women to retain their dignity whilst using the toilet. Designed to be lightweight, easily transportable and low maintenance, the Pissoir can be constructed in urban or rural locations depending on need.

Height: 2100mm
Width: 3000mm
Depth: 3000mm

Key features

4mm Grey Corrugated Plastic Sheets:
The main body of the toilet is made from 4mm corrugated plastic as it is UV stable, meaning it can withstand most of the weather conditions it’s exposed too. This material is also very low maintenance, easy to clean and will provide users with privacy.

The materials we have used in our Emergency Pissoir are lightweight, making transport easy and cost effective. Often our Latrines need to be built quickly. By making them from lightweight materials, we eliminate the need to struggle whilst working in often adverse conditions.

Pressure Treated timber
Our pressure treated timber has had non-toxic treatment forced deep within the timber, helping to protect it against rot and insect infestation, ensuring the Emergency Pissoir remains strong and secure. This also helps to ease the process of importing non-indigenous timber into different countries.

Life changing research
Our Emergency Pissoire Superstructures has been used by scientists from the University of the West of England (UWE) to generate electricity from urine. The project is the result of a partnership between UWE and Oxfam. The new technology could have a huge impact in refugee camps where thousands of people are living without access to adequate sanitation facilities and electricity.