75 years of the United Nations

Today, 75 years after the World War II ended, leaving our planet in ruins, we are celebrating all together the World Day of the United Nations. In 1975 the nations were broken and it was necessary a global common agreement to repair countries and societies. This is why, 51 countries from all around the world, met in San Francisco to create a new organization, known now as the United Nations.

This International Organization was created in the United Nations Conference on International Organization with the aim to keep the peace. This meeting concluded a with the UN Charter, signed by the 51 countries, including The Republic of China, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, United States, Belgium, URSS or The Netherlands. These were among those first nations taking part in the agreement. However, over the years, nearly all the countries in the world, have joined the organization.  

The United Nations was created to take action on the issues confronting humanity and they are still working together towards the same objective; trying to maintain international peace and security throughout the world, to protect basic human rights for all, to provide humanitarian aid, to promote sustainable development and to advocate international law. 

On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, we would like to highlight the importance of this organization globally. Its role is key in situations of crisis; helping in conflicts, providing assistance in situations of extreme poverty, inequality or violence and trying to find a solution in the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19. Furthermore, the leaders of all 193 states of the UN, have created the 2030 Universal Agenda, that consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world, by trying to promote prosperity and protection to the planet.

We are happy to celebrate the World Day of the United Nations, remembering its four main aims: Maintain International Peace and Security, Develop Friendly Relations Among Nations, Achieve International Cooperation, and be a Centre for Harmonizing the Actions of Nations

Dunster House, has a strong commitment with humanitarian causes and is trying to help those who need it the most.  Within our Corporate Social Responsibility, we work continuously to provide help and consultancy in a number of humanitarian projects and to develop products in parentship with NGO’s and charities, helping to improve the life of those living in situations of humanitarian crisis and collaborating as a company in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.