About us

We have worked hard over the past twenty years to become the successful family that we are today. However, we appreciate that people are not as lucky as we have been, with issues that most of us take for granted daily such as lacking proper sanitation or the tools to survive causing 1.5 million children under the age of 5 to die each year.

Six years ago, after ensuring his Garden Lifestyle company was established and thriving, Managing Director Chris Murphy decided to open a new Humanitarian department within Dunster House HQ, dedicated solely to finding solutions to these problems. Using our expertise, resources and knowledge of design and manufacturing, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of sanitation equipment for national and international charities. We successfully won our first contract with leading charity Oxfam to take our latrines to Sudan and the Central African Republic, as well as becoming their official supplier of Raised Latrines.

Along with our independent work, our Humanitarian work has also seen us successfully collaborate with the University of the West of England on the ‘Pee Power’ project. Following its successful launch at the UWE Bristol Student Union in March 2015, we took our Emergency Pissoire to Glastonbury for a field test. It was a huge success and we were asked back in 2016 to produce a unit that could accommodate 25 people at once – more realistic of the size of the superstructures that will be sent to countries desperately in need of adequate sanitation. The collaboration has gone from strength to strength; with plans for a team of researchers from UWE Bristol, along with workers from Oxfam and our humanitarian division, to trial the structure in Africa and India.

Since then, we have seen our Humanitarian division excel, providing sanitation solutions to those who need it most. You can see a full list of our projects, both past and present, on our projects page. Our aim is to design, create and supply a varied range of products that benefit both urban and rural communities, or any size, to show that every business can make a global impact.