Raised Latrine

Raised Latrine

Raised Latrine
Our Raised Latrine offers a sanitation solution that has been designed for use in urban areas or locations with a high water table, following emergency situations.

Height: 3015mm
Width: 1600mm
Depth 1200mm
Gross Weight: 180kg

Key Features:

One kit, two Superstructures:
Your Raised Latrine is supplied in a single kit consisting of two Superstructures, a platform and a set of stairs. The kit has everything you need to construct your Raised Latrine efficiently, exactly what you need in an emergency situation.

Waste Tank:
The waste tank consists of 6mm corrugated plastic for the sides and a 4mm base to help to prevent any damage to internal liners. A single kit tank has a containment area of approx. 1m³, allowing it to potentially store up to 1000 litres of waste. The waste is collected and stored inside a waterproof liner and a polypropylene bag for easy removal.

Pressure Treated Timber:
Our pressure treated timber has had non-toxic treatment forced deep within the timber, helping to protect it against rot and insect infestation, ensuring your Latrine Superstructure remains strong and secure. This also helps to ease the process of importing non-indigenous timber into different countries.

On either side of the stairs is a wooden handrail. This is for the safety of adults and children alike when using the toilets.

Although sold as shown in the main image, Raised Latrine kits can be easily extended to create a row of latrines for use in heavily populated areas.

Main image shows two raised latrine kits. Prices and dimensions depend upon the number of kits.

Optional Extras:
12v Off Grid Solar Lighting
Rainwater Guttering
Ground Anchors