Dunster House’s Humanitarian department designs and develops different disaster relief products for humanitarian causes across the globe. However, as a company we are aware of the social problems in the UK, and we are specially concern about the increasing numbers of homeless and rough sleepers across the country.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 597 people died in the streets of England and Wales in 2017, while data from the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government states that 4,677 people were estimated to be sleeping rough in England on a single night of 2018, representing a 165% increase since 2010.

The situation is even more concerning if we take in consideration the numbers given by Crisis charity, that estimated that more than 24,000 people faced sleeping rough or in cars, trains, buses and tents across Britain the past Christmas. Just in Northern Ireland, over an 11-month-period between 2017 and 2018, 148 registered homeless people had their applications for social housing closed because they died, while another 94 deaths were registered in Scotland.

At Dunster House, we know that all the possible help and efforts are needed to help ending rough sleeping. We are aware that charities and NGO’s battle day by day to provide some relief and support to thousands of rough sleepers with, sometimes, scarce resources. This life-risking situation exposes rough sleepers to abuse, violence, extreme temperatures and undignified situations, and that is why we have designed this secure shelter, which is ready to offer a safe space, a refuge and some relief for the most extreme cases.

This is why we decided to develop our Sleeping Pod; specially designed to provide some relief to thousands of people sleeping in the streets, by offering a safe, secure, private and completely insulated shelter, that has wheels for an easy transport and is made of fire-resistant materials.


Dunster Design

The Sleeping Pod is fully insulated, featuring 85mm insulated floor, 40mm insulated roof and 40mm insulated walls that, along with the insulated uPVC window and door, ensure that this shelter remains cool in summer and, most importantly, retains the heat in winter.

The walls are made of WPC, a material known due to its resistance to the fire, water and moisture. This material is made of a mixture of wood and plastic, it is virtually maintenance free and really easy to clean.

This safe and secure shelter comes with a door fitted with a multipoint locking system, as well as a window, an automatic humidistat ventilator and a trickle vent, which allows air movement keeping the interior fresh and ventilated.

The pods come with four wheels to facilitate the transportation and change of location, these wheels are attached to the bottom of the structure, that also comes pressure treated floor bearers, which are resistant to rot and insect infestation.

Rough sleepers are usually exposed to violence and abuse and this is why develop a safe and secure Pod was paramount for us. This Sleeping Pod features a high security locking system, with the same style that can be found in normal houses both internal and external locking capabilities as standard. This prevents the door from swinging open when in use and makes it easy to secure overnight.

Shipping and installation

The Sleeping Pod is safely delivered by trailer or lorry, depending on the number of units purchased.

It comes already set up, so it can easily can be wheeled off and placed into the desired position. 


Key Features

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean material
  • Private and safe
  • Strong and durable
  • It is fully insulating, featuring:
    • 85mm insulated floor
    • 40mm insulated roof
    • 40mm insulated walls
    • Insulated uPVC window and door
  • Automatic humidistat ventilator
  • High security locking system
  • Bed space (the mattress is not supplied)
  • Wardrobe area
  • Underbed storage
  • 4 Wheels
Height without wheels: 2300mm
Height with wheels: 2500mm
Width: 2400mm
Depth: 2000mm