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Width: 800mm
Depth: 1200mm
Weight: 9,7kg per plate
Thickness: 35mm
Colour: Neutral grey colour
Airfreight: 35 per pallet
Sea freight: 55 per pallet


Dunster House is currently one of the leading manufacturers of Squatting Plates. We have worked hard to create a thinner and lighter design for our Latrine Slab, which allows more plates to be stacked per pallet and reduces the cost of shipping, while ease the handling.

As a result, we can reach more people all around the world. In just six years working for the humanitarian sector and trying to help in humanitarian crisis, we have already provided thousands of these latrine slabs to Unicef, and we are currently official suppliers for Oxfam.


Dunster Design

Using techniques unique to Dunster House, our Squatting Plate is light, resulting in lower associated freight costs and easy handling. Designed as the thinnest in the market, it also allows more plates to be stacked per pallet.

The Dunster Latrine Slab is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). A plastic known for its toughness, strength and its less permeability to chemicals and moisture; making our slab incredibly hard wearing and easy to clean. It is also strong and resistant as it includes reinforcement bars inside the plate ensuring it won’t be bendy and or unstable.

Our Latrine Slab comes with a key hole shaped kick lid. The lid has a small lip that helps to open and close with the foot, ensuring minimal contact and therefor a hygienic solution. We also try to raise awareness on the importance of hygiene, so the lid is engraved with ‘Wash your hands’ symbol to promote better sanitation.

As well as the plate, the lid comes in a standard neutral grey colour. However, lids can be supplied in a variety of colours and can be engraved with an associated logo for larger orders.

All the details have been taken in consideration, the Dunster Latrine Slab has unique hand shaped recesses for ease of handling. From which, the plate can be moved easily and hygienically to a new location. Our plate has also an arrangement of D nuts, allowing for the fastening of a pan/bowl and water-seal trap if required.


Shipping and installation

The construction of latrines in emergency situations commonly takes place within a day, using unskilled labour and minimal instructions. With this in mind, any sanitation solution needs to be able to be installed easily. Our uniquely designed Latrine slab offers an easily transportable, low maintenance, hygienic sanitation solution.

Positively located drilling points are positioned around the perimeter of the Squatting Plate allowing the slab to be fixed to a supporting substructure. Drilling Points can also be used, to fix bespoke assistance handles to the latrine slab to aid those with restricted mobility.

Four T-Shaped galvanised ground anchors stored within bespoke recesses on the plate underside. These pins are designed to fit within the holes provided at the four corners of the Squatting Plate, providing a unique finish and allowing the full plate to be used without obstruction.


Key Features:

  • Lightweight - We manufacture the lightest Squatting Plate in the market
  • Key hole shaped kick lid for a hygienic foot opening
  • Raised non-slip foot plates
  • Easy to clean surface
  • The thinnest latrine plate in the market, so more units can be stacked per pallet
  • Easy to install by unskilled labour and with minimal instructions
  • Strong and resistant. It has internal reinforcement bars and doesn’t require any additional support
  •  Drilling points for easier fixing to the substructure
  • T- shaped galvanised ground anchors


Optional extras:

  • Handrails - Bespoke assistance handles can be attached to aid those with restricted mobility. 


Dunster House Ltd. is a family run company selling timber garden products as its core business. Over the years we have expanded and grown becoming the largest log cabin company in the UK and opening our Humanitarian Department at our headquarters. With 7 branches spread out across the UK and 13 sister factories in Europe, we have a large range of products. Discover them on the links below!