Whose responsibility is it to protect those in need? As the world jumps from one humanitarian crisis to another, the answer is fast becoming ”whoever can and is willing to do it”. That’s why Dunster House has put their expert design experience into manufacturing wooden products to provide relief in a variety of crises. 

  The Eco Composting Toilet helps fight the millions of deaths caused through a lack of sanitation, by being suitable to use where sewers don’t exist or are no longer operational. But where toilets don’t keep solids and liquids apart, disease spreads. To help fight this problem and keep people healthy, we have also created the Dropfada Urine Diversion System. 

  If you’re a government, non-profit organisation or even a sole Good Samaritan, contact carld@dunsterhouse.co.uk, or select one of the products above to find out more about the products providing relief in a variety of crises.